Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day with Grandma

Today, Dax spent the day with Grandma while Mommy & Daddy went to the Aggie game. Payton was at Grandma's too, so he had lots of fun. After Payton left, Grandma took Dax to a grown-up birthday party. Once again, he practiced his politician skills and worked the room. He got pretty good at schnarking bites of cheesecake off random peoples' plates.

It's so nice to have Grandma to look after Dax when we need her. Apparently, though, not all of my family can be trusted. Take a look at what my brother, Travis, did to poor, unsuspecting Dax.

Good times with Payton

a "Texas" hat?! (Well, at least they're winning)

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Travis said...

I'm surprised that photo made it to the blog. I thought for sure Duane would veto it. LOL