Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Donkeys & Dishes

This past weekend we visited the Gray's in Houston. Dax LOVES their miniature donkeys. He makes us walk out to see them 20 times a day. Now, when he sees them, he says, "da-da," (yeah, Duane's not too fired up about that) so, we tried to help him say "donkey", by saying it slowly and by enunciating very clearly.
He kept looking at us like we were crazy. You could just tell that the thought running thru his head was, "why are we having this conversation? Clearly, I'm saying the same thing, and just as slowly." It was pretty funny.

Duane and I had 2 "dates" this weekend; we went to the Aggies' and Texans' football games while the Grays watched Dax. They took pictures of him and sent them to our phones, so we could see what he was up to. It was fun to see how he spent his day away from us. He seemed to have lots of little projects: pulling the plastic dishes out of the cupboard, laying the dishes all in a line, stacking the dishes, unstacking the dishes, giving the dishes (one by one) to someone else, etc. We're hoping this OCD phase is truely just a phase, but for now, we're enjoying him entertaining himself. And, we are very thankful that we are able to leave him with others for a little while so we can have some time to ourselves. But, it's amazing how much we miss him after just a few hours!

The dishes

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