Monday, November 10, 2008

The Lioness Emerges

On Friday I took Dax for another haircut. While he was finishing up, another family with 3 kiddos (ages 5 - 8) came in to the shop. Naturally, Dax was drawn to them. Unfortunately, they were not well behaved or inclined to sharing. When Dax tried to join in their game of catch, they had a fit. I felt so bad explaining to my 16 month old that the bigger kids were playing and he needed to find something else. The lioness in me wanted to shout, "Let him play with your stupid ball - he's a baby! You're old enough to be able to share and be polite!" But, I didn't. I used my "mommy voice" to explain that he's too little to understand waiting (hint, hint - you should share), as I tried to redirect my very focused little one to another toy. And, where was the mother in all this? Oh, she was reading a trash magazine at the front; never even lifted her head. Actually, in retrospect, I regret not being more polite & empathetic to the kids. I don't remember saying "sorry" for Dax interrupting their game. I need to be an example to Dax (and to those kids, as well, apparently) that we need to apologize for perceived injustices, even to brats who aren't nice to my baby. Roar.

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