Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving (and more donkeys)

We went to visit Annette and the boys for Thanksgiving. We got there Wednesday morning and ended up staying until the following Tuesday morning. Lots of family time. And many, many trips to see the donkeys. Dax now calls them, "dah-gahs". We got out a bag of carrots the first day and they were Dax's best friends for the rest of the week.
On Thanksgiving day, we got together with Aunt Fay and her family. Since this was the first Thanksgiving without Uncle Joe, everyone decided it would be best to change things up a bit, so we met at Kyle and Joani's house. They just remodeled their kitchen, too. (And, by "just", I mean, "they installed the stove hood the day before.") It was a really nice family time. Who'd have thought that at the end on November we could sit outside and be perfectly comfortable?! Kyle was even wearing shorts! Dax thought his 2nd cousins Thomas and Luke were a lot of fun. The boys were great with Dax, too. So patient - even when Dax tried to join in their big boy games.

Another day, we went to The Woodlands mall to let Dax run around on their playscape. And, we walked right by Santa, with not a single kid in line! So, we got Dax's picture taken with him. Then, Aunt Kay took Dax for a ride on the merry-go-round. He loved it!

I think the most fun of the week, though, was watching Dax bust out his dancing moves. We'll post a video soon.

We hope everyone had a pleasant holiday - we sure enjoyed counting all of God's many blessings.
Feeding the donkeys
Ready to dig in to the Thanksgiving spread
hanging with Luke

having some laughs with Thomas
not completely sure about Santa
enjoying the merry-go-round

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