Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday's Aggie Game - with Grandma!

Last Saturday, Grandma came to the Aggie game with us. It was her first time to Kyle Field and she really enjoyed the game (bonus - the Aggies won!). She didn't get to meet General Joe and Sue, though, since they were out of town. Dax seems to be drinking the Aggie kool-aid, as his latest dance move is stolen from the Aggie fight song (there is a point in the song where everyone stands with feet wide apart, locks arms, and then sways side to side - it is extremely cool to see almost 90,000 people in a stadium all do that at the same time, even if the stands do rock a bit). Well, Dax's new move is to stand with feet wide, and to sway side to side. It's pretty funny. And not at all musical or graceful.

The other funny part was how Halloween trick-or-treating affected Dax. As we were walking past all the tailgaters at the game, he stopped at every one and basically started looking for treats. He even opened up ice chests to make sure he wasn't missing the good stuff. It was so embarrassing, but everyone seemed to understand and they all said they thought it was cute. Hopefully, this will be a short phase.

Yup, he's a "face painter"

"Dancing" to the marching band

Watching the game with Grandma

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