Sunday, November 23, 2008

Garage Sale & PJs

On Saturday our neighborhood had a garage sale. After a slow start, we actually ended up doing quite well. It is very cathartic to clean out "stuff." Dax greeted everybody and wasn't at all embarrassed that he was still in his footed pjs at 10:00am. Badger and Trinity even hung out in the front yard and watched all the activity. We have two main memories from the sale:

The first is the guy who bought Duane's old wheels/rims but couldn't fit them in his car, so he removed a tv (that he'd bought from one of our neighbors) and left it on the side of the road. When Duane told him he couldn't leave it, the guy just explained, "but it was free". Like that made it perfectly ok to dump it. He agreed to come back to get it "in 10 minutes". Riiiight. A couple hours later, I was, luckily, able to get another shopper to take it.

The second memory was Duane and the basketball game. A neighbor had one of those basketball shoot games like you see at Dave & Busters. It was huge. I told them I hoped they sold it before Duane saw it, or else he'd want to buy it. Well, sure enough, when Duane saw it, he wanted it. He knew better than to buy it, but he had to at least take a few shots. We'll say that holding Dax had him off balance, because when Duane took his first shot, it hit the rim, flew toward the crowd of shoppers, bounced OVER the head of someone bent over a table (thank God!), crashed into a table holding dozens of breakable trinkets, and, miraculously, didn't break a one and landed harmlessly in the grass. He was so embarrassed! I only wish I could have seen his face as it happened!

After all the excitement from the garage sale, we decided to let Dax stay in his pjs for most of the rest of the day. Here he is hanging out, playing IN his toy box.

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