Thursday, November 6, 2008


There are 3 changes going on around our house. A couple have mom excited, but one, not so much. The first Change is the Time Change. This has not been good for mom, as Dax's sleeping is all messed up. He's going to bed at night OK, but he wakes up several times during the night crying. And, then he wakes up at 5:00am. We had just started to enjoy him sleeping till 6:15am, then -- wham-0 -- back to 5:00am. We're hoping the transition won't be much longer. Momma's tired.

The other 2 Changes are fun. The first is Diaper Change. Dax has started coming up to me and signing "change" when he has a wet or dirty diaper. He doesn't do it every time, but usually once a day or so, he'll tell me that he wants me to change his diaper. I'm pretty impressed that he's able to recognize and communicate that. I'm hoping this will be a good omen for potty training (since the first step is wanting to be dry). The added bonus is that Dax has become more patient on the changing table, so it's not such a wrestling match.

The other Change is Season's Change. Even though it was 90 degrees yesterday, autumn seems to be right around the corner. The trees are starting to change color and the nights are getting cooler. So, I've decided to put away the shorts for the season and to pull out the jeans and pants (it is November, for crying out loud, so I am boycotting shorts for the rest of the year!). I am looking forward to the weather getting cooler so I can dress Dax in his fall clothes, too. Poor thing has outgrown his summer clothes and I refuse to buy more at this point. So, he's stuck with Euro-style tight shirts and high-water khakis. Let's hope the temperature drops before I have to put Dax in chunky cable sweaters because that's all that fits.

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