Sunday, February 8, 2009

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend. It started Friday night with Mommy and Daddy having a movie night, snuggled on the couch after Dax went to bed. We later realized how much longer the weekend seems when you start relaxing on Friday.

Saturday morning, Mommy and Dax cheered on Daddy at his flag football game. Then, Mommy had lunch with girls she hadn't seen in 20 years! It was nice remembering the old days and hearing what everyone is up to now. In the afternoon, the whole family walked around the Arboretum. We played on the cows and Dax practiced his new skill - hanging from a bar like a monkey. He's very good at it and he LOVES it!

On Sunday, while Mommy slept in, Daddy and Dax picked up breakfast tacos and had some guy-bonding time. We all ran some errands together (and spent our Christmas gift cards - thank you Grandma and Uncle David!). That evening, our neighbors, the Mayers, came over for dinner. It was a nice, casual evening with Dax and Ethan playing and the adults talking.

All-in-all a great mix of quiet time, active time, family time, one-on-one with Dax time, individual time, social time, and grown-up time.

Beth, Erna, Monique & Karen at Shady Grove this weekend

And, 20 years ago

Our little monkey

On the cows at the Arboretum

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