Friday, March 27, 2009

Say "Hi"

We brought Badger with us on our walk today. When we got to the neighbor's house, we stopped to say "hello" to their dog, Scout. Scout is another white lab and since she has an iron fence, she enjoys hanging out in the backyard and greeting all the passers-by. Dax went up to the fence and was petting Scout when I asked, "Badger, do you want to say 'hi' to Scout?" At that, Dax got up, came over to Badger and started grabbing her leg. She didn't know what he was doing, but eventually he got her paw and raised it up and down several times. Like a wave. He showed Badger how to wave 'hello'. It was so cute.

Speaking of words, Dax is really starting to talk more. In just the past few days he's been repeating new words and really trying to get them right. He also puts two words together regularly, like "yellow ball", "Dax water", "more cheese", etc. Last night he learned "bath" and tonight he said "bath water". Yesterday, he even put three words together, "more outside Dax". It's so much fun to see him learning and how pleased he gets when we get excited about his words.

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