Sunday, January 25, 2009

Salsa and the Tu's

We decided to have lunch at the neighborhood Mexican restaurant. Dax was insisting that he wanted to dip his chip in the salsa (dipping is very popular right now with Dax). So, we let him, thinking that he'd do it once, would regret it, and that would be the end of it. But, oh, no - Dax LOVED the salsa. He was scooping it up by the chipful. His eyes were watering and he was making the sign for "hot", but he was NOT stopping. I guess he is offically a Texan!

After lunch, we visited Larry and Kim Tu. They are expecting their first baby, a girl, in just a few more weeks. We got to see their beautiful, hand-painted nursery and Dax got to play with some of Larry's toys. They are going to be great parents and we can't wait to meet their little one.

Our salsa-loving little Texan

With Larry and Kim Tu (and Killer)

Playing with Larry's big dump truck

Dax loved Kim

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