Friday, September 19, 2008

Trip to San Antonio

On Wednesday the Rioses came down from Maine for a quick visit to San Antonio. The big news is that Dax weighed more than 20 pounds, so he got to ride down there facing forward. We had a great time catching up with Ron, Mikaela, Katie, Nate, and Baba & Dzedo. Dax tried really hard to keep up with Nate (who is 4 years old). Dax had his first piano recital, too. He just took right to it. We loved that he was very precise with the keys he wanted to play, and that he used the whole keyboard, not just the keys in front of him. The other amazing part of the day was that Dax refused to take his afternoon nap, but he was completely delightful, even an hour after his bedtime. The Rioses bring out the best in everyone! We hope to see them again soon!

Riding forward-facing, like a big kid!

With Katie

Trying to keep up with Nate

Our little Mozart

Having a good time with Baba

With "Aunt" Kaela

We're so happy to have "Uncle" Ron home from Iraq!

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