Friday, September 19, 2008

Dentist Follow-up

On Tuesday we met Aunt Hollie and Payton at Zilker Park playscape. It was really big. And busy. And a little overwhelming at first. Dax just stood and watched everything going on for the first 10 minutes. Then, he just wanted to play with the rocks and sticks. Eventually, I was able to encourage him to climb on the firetruck and play on the slide. He had a good time.

In the afternoon, he had his follow-up appointment with the pediatric dentist. She was even able to get an x-ray! Not that Dax was pleased about that whole part. But he likes Dr. Dimick and recovered quickly. Dr. Dimick said everything looks great and that his tooth is nice and solid again. She even gave him a new toothbrush with a froggy on it. Dax really likes it and enjoys "brushing" his teeth himself. Mom likes that he doesn't bite her finger anymore, like when she used the fingerbrush.

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