Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer Day

Dax had a busy morning. We went to the grocery store and saw one of his friends from Gymboree, so we talked and the boys laughed at each other. As usual, Dax made several new friends with the other shoppers. When we got home Dax learned a new sign...banana. It's a hard one, too. You hold your left index finger up and use your right hand to "peel" the finger. He's got it pretty close. And he definitely knows how to use it. Today for lunch he ate 2 1/4 bananas! I don't know if it's because he'd been eyeing them from the time we saw them at the grocery store, or if he enjoyed practicing his new sign, but I was amazed at how much he ate. After lunch we went out in the backyard because it was a gorgeous day (not even 90 degrees, sunny, low humidity, and breezy). Dax threw the ball for the dogs until they pooped out. Then he played in the sand box. Then he decided, "why not combine the dogs AND the sand box"? So, he put handfuls of sand on top of Badger while she just lay there. Trinity wasn't so accommodating - he had to chase her to put the sand on her.

We had a fun conversation with "cousin" Nate on the phone - today is his 4th birthday! It was also his first day of pre-school. He also seemed pretty excited about some friends coming over to play on his swing set. Happy Birthday, Nate!

Nate & Katie on 1st Day of School

After Dax's nap, our Summer Day continued. We played in the dirt in the front beds, climbed the tree in the front yard, talked with neighbor Ethan & his mom when they stopped as they were driving by, and we picked up sticks from the yard. Lots of sticks. In the backyard, Trinity found a very large stick that she and Dax played tug-o-war and chase with. We threw the ball for the dogs some more, played in the sand some more, and watched some ants on the patio. All in all, a little boy's ideal summer day.

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