Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Time to "Cook"

With all the blueberries and blackberries Mommy brought back from her trip, we had to start cooking. This was Dax's first time to help "cook". He loved it. Now, he wants to cook all the time. Maybe because he thinks everything he cooks will turn out like the blueberry cream cheese coffee cake. It was pretty darn amazing. We also made a blueberry freezer pie, a blueberry pie, and a blackberry pie. It's a happy, blueberry world! :)

Stirring in the sugar and flour

Whoa! That is cool!

Using a sifter for a first baking experience? Pretty impressive.

Blueberry cream cheese coffee cake

Dax enjoying the coffeecake and eggs from the farm

Blueberry freezer pie

The blueberry and blackberry pies were De-Lish!

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