Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree Farm

We have started an annual tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree. There is a tree farm about 30 minutes away and it's a lot of fun. Of course it brings back all sorts of wonderful memories of Grandpa Smith's Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. Dax really enjoyed running up and down the rows of trees and weaving in and out. Maybe as much as he enjoyed the donkey(naturally!) and the goats at the petting zoo area. But only "maybe as much" - it was really funny when the goats licked his hands, and well, donkeys are really cool. And, Duane enjoyed the cutting this year, because he actually had a saw that was sharp.

The tree is now home and decorated. Only non-breakable ornaments this year. Dax likes to bat at the ornaments, so he's spent some time in time out, but he's getting better. It's just so hard to not play with all the shiny objects!

He's off to find the perfect tree

So, a sharp saw makes a difference, huh, Daddy?

Daddy's little helper

Dax loved feeding the goats - they were very gentle and tickled his hands with their tongues

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