Saturday, August 9, 2008


Just wanted to report that Dax's tongue and tooth are healing very nicely. To be honest, you can barely tell that there was anything wrong with his tongue. It is amazing how fast it has healed. We went to the pediatric dentist on Wednesday. She was great. She doesn't think he did any damage to the root, which is good news. But, she found a hairline fracture in the tooth. If he does another face plant, sometime between now and when his permanent tooth comes in, the tooth will most likely break off. Let's see... what are the odds that an active boy will fall sometime in the next 4 years? Yeah... only about 100%. We just hope it's later rather than sooner.

Other than being a little more attached to me, this hasn't slowed Dax down one bit. In fact, on Sunday we took him out on the boat. His friend, Avery, and her parents, Jeff & Tracey, came along, too. Dax got in Lake Travis for the first time. He really enjoyed it. He didn't want to come out. After the boat ride and swimming, we bathed the kiddos (Dax's first shower with a girl - scandal!) and then ate dinner at Cafe Blue on the lake. Dax was stealing Avery's potato chips, so his mouth was definitely feeling better if he could handle crunchy, pointy, and SALTY. It was a fun day.

The only thing mom is going to miss about all this is Dax sleeping in until 6:30 in the morning. That was nice for a couple days.

Avery and Dax taking turns "driving" the boat. Can you believe how blond Dax is?

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