Friday, August 29, 2008

Uncle Joe

Duane's Uncle Joe passed away last weekend. It was very sad. We went to the viewing and funeral in Houston. Dax was such a good boy, and a wonderful, fun distraction. During mass Dax was waving to the people behind us, and Aunt Kay and Cousin Kyle got a chuckle out of Dax "dancing" to the non-existant beat of the responsorial psalm. We especially enjoyed meeting some of Duane's relatives from Louisiana. And Dax discovered that his 2nd cousin Luke (8 years old), is a lot of fun (and very patient!). We're looking forward to the boys playing together again at Thanksgiving. Please keep Aunt Fay and her family in your prayers as they try to move forward. I guess the good thing about funerals is that you can see how much people are loved - and Joe was definitely loved. We will miss him.

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