Friday, April 3, 2009

Strawberry Picking

We met up with some friends and headed out to pick strawberries at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. The weather was perfect and we all had a lot of fun. There were tons of beautiful berries and the kids really got into picking. All I had to do was tell Dax to find "big, red ones and put them in the box". He was on a mission. After picking, we visited the farm's horse and minature donkeys. We enjoyed a picnic lunch, complete with yummy, homemade strawberry ice cream. When we got to the car to leave, we discovered a dead battery, but one of the farm hands was nice enough to give us a jump, so all was well. We were at the farm for 2 hours and then Dax slept for 3 hours. I like that math!

Dax ate about a pint of strawberries for his snack. Then for dessert tonight we had strawberry shortcake. And, he was still asking for more. We'll have to go back again soon.

Lots more pics at:

Dax, Erika, and Elisabeth getting ready for picking

So many berries...

Our haul

Not even a dead battery could dampen our spirits

Strawberry shortcake - Yum!

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