Friday, October 17, 2008

Feeling Better

Today, Dax finally started feeling better. He started getting chatty earlier in the day, and then he took a 2-hour nap (which is very rare!). That must have been what he needed, because he woke up cool as a cucumber and very happy. We are so happy to have our happy Dax back!

Tonight was Mommy's 20th (!!) high school reunion. The class had a tailgate party at the park across the street from the football field. It was great to see how some folks had changed, and how some are still the same. Dax had a blast and was Mr. Social. We even watched the first quarter of the football game. We'll have to take Dax to some more high school games because he loved it. We were so close to the action and he watched everything that was going on. Hopefully we didn't push him too much after being sick. We'll find out tomorrow when we head out for his second Aggie game.

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