Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Exciting Day

Yesterday Karen & Dax met Grandma's cousin, Kathy, for lunch. Being from Philly and dodging snow & ice storm to get here, Kathy really appreciated the 90+ degree weather. We enjoyed lunch at Hula Hut looking out over Lake Austin, then we went to Mt Bonnell to see the view of Austin. Here's a pic of Kathy and Dax at the top.

The other excitement for the day is that Dax has produced his first sign. I've been showing him sign language for about a month, and he understands when I make them, but it takes 4-6 weeks before babies can recreate them. Well, I was trying to feed Dax cereal and he started making the sign for milk (squeezing his hand open and closed, like milking a cow - nice, huh?). So, I gave him some more milk and he was so pleased. It's amazing to think that Dax has those cognitive abilities to realize, "hey, I want something specific, and if I do this hand gesture, I can get it".

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